Cyrille Phipps, Producer/Director
Cyrille Phipps is an African/Caribbean American and native New Yorker. She has been a media educator and video documentary maker for almost fifteen years. For more about Cyrille, please visit

Cassandra Lizaire, Production Coordinator/Associate Producer
Cassandra Lizaire made a natural progression from her studies in Communication and Business studies. A graduate of Cornell University, she is currently pursuing a career in television and film production with the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

Ann Bennett, Consulting Producer
Ann Bennett is a media professional with an extensive background as a producer, researcher, and writer. Ann started her career in documentary film at the prestigious Blackside Productions in Boston.

Michelle Materre, Supervising Producer
Michelle Materre has a professional background which spans 25 years in television, film and video with a concentration on independent film.

Donna Golden, Editor
Donna Golden is a Brooklyn-based video editor/artist. Since 1991, she has worked as a producer, editor, and educator with alternative/art/activist/media organizations in New York City.